He was born June 15, 1968 in Salisbury, Rhodesia . Currently called Harare , Zimbabwe, but given the dramatic political and humanitarian developments caused by the despotic regime of Mugabe , he prefers to use the names of  before the popular revolution , due to the return of his family to Italy in 1970. He grew up in Rome in a family where we breathe art , a mother and companion both painters , as well as his grandmother , herself the daughter of art. Unfortunately Federico does not know to draw … in the photograph is his chance for creative expression , so in 1989 he moved to Florence to follow his father photographer and ” learn the trade .” In ’91 he moved to Milan , where he explores the technical knowledge and begins to work “alone ” collaborating with some fashion magazines. In ’97 , the encounter with Cristiana Gastel with which it shares a passion for photography, Bianca was born the first of his two daughters, Matilde born in ’98, while Peter will come to light in 2008. His work was a turning point in ’96 when he began to collaborate with ELLE DECOR , a collaboration that allows him to discover an environment, that of photography furnishings, closer to his way of being, less neurotic and stressed out about the world , while charming , fashion, attended so far . Over the years he has collaborated with several newspapers from various sectors ( Vogue , Elle, Grazia , Elle Decor , Grace House, D di Repubblica , Io Donna , Vogue Gioiello , Vogue Pelle , Amica Amica House , VS … ) and with various advertising clients ( Cassina , Poliform , Minotti , Bisazza , Rubelli Arketipo , Cattelan , Desalto, Redaelli , Limonta , Zucchi , Nemo, Gallotti & Radice … ) . He always tried to carve out a space where to pursue her research, merging the business needs with its own aesthetic sensibility . Lately fate brought him the birth of new partnerships with overseas CASA VOGUE and FLORENSE Brazilian leader in the cabinet. The goals for the near future are tied to the development of more personal projects , which enclose the experiences to date